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90 AS Apartment Renovation (2011) by Metek Architecture

Photographed by MOPA and Fabienne Delafray

Location: Paris, France

Transformation of a “banal and a bit wobbly” studio into a foothold that is spacious, bright and relaxing as well as minimalist yet warm, allowing the rhythms of life to shift to work without encroaching on the space of the host family at night and visiting friends in Paris. The ambitious specifications result in a new geometry with a set of openings and closings that are both practical and fun while integrating all useful furniture storage (wardrobe, desk, bed) to create fluidity and harmony between the different spaces of life. 

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Virgilio Tzaj    |

"Art direction and design for Alt-J’s Sophomore album, This Is All Yours. Cover Painted by Thom Green and assembled by Virgilio Tzaj.

Virgilio is an award-winning art director, illustrator, designer and whiskey drinker based in New York, USA. Some of his selected clients include NFL, Rolling Stones, Atlantic Records, Sony etc. 

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Portable Cardboard Standing Desk (2014) by Fraser Callaway, Oliver Ward, and Matt Innes of Refold on Kickstarter

Refold is proud to present its cardboard standing desk. Being 100% recyclable and completely NZ made it showcases the perfect combination of innovation and environmental awareness.

This desk enables your lifestyle. It folds into a lightweight, compact carry case, allowing you to work and live the way you want!
With aspirations of using this desk for disaster relief and helping those in need, this is just the beginning.
Refold. So much more than just a desk.

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