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Seung-Hwan Oh

 South Korea-based photographer Seung-Hwan Oh has created a mesmerizing set of portraits which were artfully “destroyed” by microbes, creating some kind of distorted beauty. 

For his project called ‘Impermanence’, Seung-Hwan soaked his developed film in water and added microbes to it. The microbes then worked its “magic” on his film for months, or even years. 

His original photographs of people were reduced to creepy “portraits” marred with mysterious colorful blobs that were created by the microbes as it “consumed” the silver halides in the film. 

Seung-Hwan described his project as “an aesthetic of entangled creation and destruction that inevitably is ephemeral, and results in complete disintegration of the film so that it can only be delicately digitized before it is consumed.” 

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